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How Denver Nuggets' No. 7 will crush hopes of Cleveland faithful


How Denver Nuggets' No. 7 will crush hopes of Cleveland faithful

Billups will take team to NBA Finals, where 'The Assist' will become part of sporting lore
By David O. Williams

May 9, 2009 —  Cleveland sports fans who think years of heartbreak are about to end with an NBA title courtesy of LeBron James and the Cavaliers are in fact about to have their hearts ripped out yet again by a Denver team led by an unstoppable No. 7.

That’s right, you heard it here second: the Denver Nuggets will beat the Cave-a-liers in Game 7 in the Mistake by Lake on a play by the new No. 7 in town (Chauncey Billups) that will become known in sports lore as “The Assist.”

Billups will casually dish a no-look pass to Carmelo Anthony, who will posterize King James with a game-winning slam dunk as time expires that will forever put to rest who should have been picked No. 1 in the 2003 draft.

The Assist will mirror the agony Cleveland fans felt when Denver’s original No. 7 (John Elway) -- who passed the torch to Billups to kick off the current semifinal playoff series pitting Denver against the pretender “Big D,” Dallas -- drove the Broncos 98 yard in the 1986 AFC Championship Game to down the Browns. That bit of NFL lore is known as “The Drive.”

The following year Cleveland was poised to defeat the Broncos in the 1987 AFC Championship Game when Browns running back Ernest Byner committed the gaff forever known as “The Fumble,” costing Cleveland a sure Super Bowl berth.

A couple of years later, in a bit of agony in no way associated with Colorado, Michael Jordan took what will forever be known as “The Shot” over Cleveland’s Craig Ehlo, knocking the Cavs out of the playoffs and derailing very realistic NBA title hopes.

Then there was Cleveland Indians closer Jose Mesa coughing up the winning run in extra innings of Game 7 of the 1997 World Series to allow the expansion Florida Marlins to become the first wildcard team ever to win it all. Not sure what that one is called. Maybe “The Gag,” or “The Choke.”

Anyway, once the mighty Nuggets (Charles Barkley is the only credible NBA analyst currently predicting an inevitable Nuggets’ championship) put German fade-away jump-shooting phenom Dirk Nowitzki and his “Girls Gone Bad” girlfriend out of their misery – starting with a Game 3 win in Dallas today – and then make Kobe “I left My Heart (and a Little Bit More) in Eagle County” Bryant and his L.A. Fakers forever despise the Centennial State in the Western Conference Finals, then my man Chauncey will deliver “The Assist” and once again crush the hopes of all Clevelanders.

I say “my man” because Chauncey and I actually went to school together at George Washington High School in Denver (well, I was there 10 years before he won back-to-back state titles for the Patriots, but he was inspired by my legacy). I finished up at Manual, which gave us lesser-know hoops luminary Chucky Sproling.

Chauncey has changed the legacy of losing at the Pepsi Center, but he’ll continue that legacy for Cleveland fans courtesy of “The Assist,” and Denver will snatch the mantle of “Title Town” away from Detroit by having won championships in all four major sports.

If you’re remembering the Broncos back-to-back Super Bowl titles in the late 90s and the Avalanche Stanley Cups in 97 and 01, but scratching your head over when that World Series win was for the Rockies, read my previous blog about the now-tainted 2007 MLB championship.

And if you’re thinking LeBron is unstoppable this season, check his head-to-head record against Melo teams. It ain’t pretty; and neither is Cleveland.



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Mikey — May 8, 2009

I checked LeBron's head to head record vs. Denver this year. It's 2-0 Cavs.

Also checked how the Cavs held Billups in check the last time they faced them in the playoffs in 2007. Made him give the ball up.

Why all the weird, misguided bitterness without any factual evidence? Pretty lame.


David O. — May 9, 2009

Not bitterness, just good, old-fashioned smack talk. LeBron has had more success in the NBA, reaching the Finals against San Antonio, while Denver has made five straight first-round exits with Carmelo. And the Cavs are undoubtedly the favorite to win it all this season, but since they both came into the league, Carmelo's Nuggets have won 7 of 11 against the Cavs when both have played. True, Billups was ineffective last time he and the Pistons played the Cavs in the playoffs, but that was with a team in decline. Now he has weapons all around him. Everyone's talking LeBron versus Kobe in the Finals. I want to see Melo versus King James.


Randy — May 9, 2009

Overall, Melo owns LeBron sorry.


Justin — May 9, 2009

Mikey, do your research. So what Cleveland beat Denver twice this season, but overall in their careers since Melo joined Denver and LeBron joined Cleveland, Melo has owned LeBron hands down.


Dustin — May 9, 2009

Maybe melo has won more games but for most of his career he has had a better team now melo ain't got nothin on lebron. MVP


drew — May 10, 2009

What twaddle! I'd ask for some of what you are smoking, but I'm afraid it would turn me into a jerk.


Mike — May 10, 2009

Assuming that the nuggets **could** play the series of their lives and get past the lakers in the western conference finals. If the nuggets face the cavs in the finals the cavs would win in 5....6 games tops. As for if this game 7 would be possible. No way the nuggets would walk into the Q for a game 7 of the finals vs lebron james and walk out champions. Sorry to say. But a nice article anyway


trace — May 10, 2009

I just wanna see the best the west has to offer cleveland whether it be l.a. or denver, or houston. Because whoever will give cleveland and james the best test will undoubtedly bring out "the most freakish brand of greatness" youve ever seen by an nba player!


Paul — May 10, 2009

Hey David, what's the O stand for? oblivious? and what's your problem with Cleveland? have you ever been there? Your sports "reporting" ability can be chalked up to a single google search. Charles Barkley is about as credible as Michael A Smith, if he's sober. And if you think the Lakers won't destroy the Nugget's in 5 games or less, I question your sobriety.. George Carl is inept and will cave when put up against Phil Jackson. Yes, Billups is proven, but Melo is an inconsistant thug who takes cheap shots while running away (Knicks '06) and the West is a joke other than LA who won 11 more games this year than the nugs, without Bynum. Your bias is obvious and your objectivity is nonexistant.


David O. — May 11, 2009

The O stands for omniscient, Paul. Read my follow-up blog on the Lakers, who showed absolutely no heart in Houston Sunday. As for Chuck's sobriety, I don't think his judgment is clouded by alcohol. The best-looking team in the West is clearly Denver, and LeBron and the Cavs have not been tested by a Detroit team gutted by the Billups trade or an injury-riddled and depleted Hawks squad. As for Cleveland, while my brother and sister were born in Dayton, my family moved to Hawaii to produce me. Now I live in a winter paradise in Colorado, and I try pass through Ohio as quickly as possible whenever I get that far east on I-70. So no, never been to Cleveland. Hope to keep it that way.


Paul — May 11, 2009

Isn't it funny how all Vail locals think their omniscient? Considering the posh environments of residency you've noted, your lack of depth understandable. Talk trash in a month, when it may be relevant.


Paul — May 29, 2009

Hey Oblivious,, so much for "the Assist" maybe you meant "the In bound" or maybe "the Technical".. you're a botttom feeder.. get a job.


David O. — May 29, 2009

OK, the O. stands for Ouch. How about "The Choke," or "The Gag"? That was an awful performance in such a big game, I admit it. But after tonight your Cavs won't need the Nuggets to rip their hearts out (go Magic). And bottom feeding and getting a job likely go hand in hand in the Mistake by the Lake these days. The question is how quickly LeBron bolts for the Big Apple after their historic collapse (no one even expected the Nugs to get this far).



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