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Recent town of Vail community survey identifies parking as top issue for townies

Permanent link to Recent town of Vail community survey identifies parking as top issue for townies Jun 2, 2010 — Respondents to Vail’s community survey have identified parking as the highest priority to be addressed by the Town Council and staff.

In addition, nearly twice as many people who were surveyed said the town is going in the “right direction” than those who said the town has “gotten off on the wrong track.”

These and other...

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Vail Christian High School board buys back bonds, rescues next school year

Permanent link to Vail Christian High School board buys back bonds, rescues next school year Apr 16, 2010 — The board of Vail Christian High School recently negotiated the repurchase of $12 million in bonds, likely securing the long-term survival of the Edwards school.

After meeting with bond holder representatives in New York on Thursday, school officials reached an agreement to repurchase and retire the outstanding bonds. The VCHS board of directors feels the...

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Vail Resorts to host Lindsey Vonn celebration in Vail Wednesday, March 31

Permanent link to Vail Resorts to host Lindsey Vonn celebration in Vail Wednesday, March 31 Mar 27, 2010 — Vail Resorts will host a homecoming celebration for Lindsey Vonn in Vail on Wednesday, March 31, the company announced Friday.

The Vail resident recently won Olympic gold and bronze medals in Vancouver and captured her third consecutive World Cup Overall title, making her the winningest U.S. ski racer of all time with 33 World Cup wins, including a U.S....

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Vail Resorts Epic Pass, Summit Pass available through November 30, 2009

Permanent link to Vail Resorts Epic Pass, Summit Pass available through November 30, 2009 Nov 23, 2009 — Vail Resorts has extended it's option of buying the Epic Pass ($599) or the Summit Pass ($399). The passes offer season-long access to Vail Resorts ski areas.

The Company recently announced it will extend sales of its popular Epic and Summit passes through Monday, Nov. 30, 2009. Sales were initially set to end Sunday, Nov. 22.

With Beaver Creek’s...

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9 candidates, including 3 incumbents, running for 4 Vail Town Council seats Nov. 3

Permanent link to 9 candidates, including 3 incumbents, running for 4 Vail Town Council seats Nov. 3 Oct 4, 2009 — As of the Oct. 2 filing deadline, the Vail Town Clerk received nomination petitions from nine candidates, including three incumbents, who filed to run for the four open Vail Town Council seats in the Nov. 3 election.

The Vail Town Clerk’s office has validated the nomination petitions received from the nine candidates. Eligibility requirements include...

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Nominating petitions for four open Vail Town Council seats available Sept. 14

Permanent link to Nominating petitions for four open Vail Town Council seats available Sept. 14 Sep 12, 2009 — Nominating petitions will be available beginning Monday, Sept. 14 for candidates interested in running for one of four open seats on the Vail Town Council for the Nov. 3 election.

The petitions may be picked up in the Vail Town Clerk’s Office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Vail Municipal Building, 75 S. Frontage Rd.


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Eagle County commissioners to vote Tuesday on temporary marijuana dispensary regulations

Permanent link to Eagle County commissioners to vote Tuesday on temporary marijuana dispensary regulations Sep 4, 2009 — The Eagle County Board of Commissioners will consider a resolution adopting temporary regulations to govern medical marijuana dispensaries in the unincorporated areas of the county during its regular meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. at the Eagle County Building, located at 500 Broadway in Eagle. If approved, the...

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Vail Town Council rejects ballot question to change council terms

Permanent link to Vail Town Council rejects ballot question to change council terms Aug 26, 2009 — After attempting several approaches to address inconsistencies with the Vail Town Charter as well as certain conflicts with state election laws, the Vail Town Council voted last week to deny approval of an ordinance that would have placed a measure before voters on the Nov. 3 ballot as it relates to council terms and term limit provisions.

In reviewing...

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Polis defends health-care reform at packed town hall in Edwards

Permanent link to Polis defends health-care reform at packed town hall in Edwards Aug 21, 2009 — The question put to U.S. Rep. Jared Polis by a man at Wednesday’s health-care town hall in Edwards drew a loud cheer from the majority of clearly conservative mountain-dwellers feeling disenfranchised by the ultra-liberal freshman Democrat from Boulder.

The man, also from Boulder, asked Polis how he could be sure he was representing the majority of his...

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Vail blaze illustrates need for defensible space, roadless rule changes, state says

Permanent link to Vail blaze illustrates need for defensible space, roadless rule changes, state says Aug 17, 2009 — A small but scary wildfire that broke out in the national forest above West Vail Aug. 7 perfectly underscored the ongoing debate between the state’s Department of Natural Resources and environmentalists over Colorado’s controversial roadless rule.

The blaze was in a roadless area on a steep, densely wooded hillside above two Vail neighborhoods...

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 Headline  Author  Post Date
Recent town of Vail community survey identifies parking as top issue for townies  Jun 2, 2010
Vail Christian High School board buys back bonds, rescues next school year  Apr 16, 2010
Vail Resorts to host Lindsey Vonn celebration in Vail Wednesday, March 31  Mar 27, 2010
Vail Resorts Epic Pass, Summit Pass available through November 30, 2009  Nov 23, 2009
9 candidates, including 3 incumbents, running for 4 Vail Town Council seats Nov. 3  Oct 4, 2009
Nominating petitions for four open Vail Town Council seats available Sept. 14  Sep 12, 2009
Eagle County commissioners to vote Tuesday on temporary marijuana dispensary regulations  Sep 4, 2009
Vail Town Council rejects ballot question to change council terms  Aug 26, 2009
Polis defends health-care reform at packed town hall in Edwards David O. Williams Aug 21, 2009
Vail blaze illustrates need for defensible space, roadless rule changes, state says David O. Williams Aug 17, 2009
Searchers find two hikers missing since Monday on Mount of the Holy Cross  Aug 11, 2009
Colorado roadless rule key to wildfire mitigation, ski-area expansion, state says David O. Williams Aug 10, 2009
West Vail Fire completely contained; Vail Resorts resumes normal business operations  Aug 8, 2009
West Vail Fire 60-percent contained; crews to resume suppression efforts Saturday David O. Williams Aug 7, 2009
Wildfire breaks out in national forest above West Vail David O. Williams Aug 7, 2009
Gov. Ritter stays on 'New Energy Economy' message at town-hall-style meeting in Eagle David O. Williams Aug 2, 2009
Vail voters will be asked to change Town Charter to fix council term-limit glitches  Jul 27, 2009
Vail police report surge in residential burglaries since June  Jul 26, 2009
Vail Mountain announces opening and closing dates  Jul 13, 2009
Confusion reigns ahead of key oil and gas meeting in Glenwood Springs David O. Williams Jul 11, 2009
Pitchforks coming out over new gas drilling regs on Western Slope, lawmaker says David O. Williams Jul 2, 2009
Boy who died in Vail's Gore Creek Sunday identified as Colin Cassidy of Edgewater  Jun 29, 2009
New outpatient operating room expansion planned for Vail Valley Medical Center Edwards campus  Jun 25, 2009
First county planning meeting for Dotsero on tap; Eagle-Vail RFQ nets 20 firms  Jun 24, 2009
Western Slope Dems facing fierce fight over energy in 2010 election David O. Williams Jun 21, 2009
U.S. Rep. Polis, state Rep. Scanlan to pound nails at Habitat for Humanity project in Edwards  Jun 17, 2009
Eagle County's Palmer gives Holy Cross Energy board a green majority David O. Williams Jun 10, 2009
Eagle County, state forest service team up with Red Cliff to battle beetle kill  Jun 10, 2009
Lagging transmission capacity keeping renewable sector down, energy experts say David O. Williams Jun 6, 2009
Holy Cross Energy board election raises questions of coal-fired power versus more renewable energy David O. Williams Jun 2, 2009
Wolcott community plan to be adopted by Eagle County June 17  May 30, 2009
Local towns, county square off in Friday's 'Food Drive Challenge'  May 28, 2009
Divisive issue of Western Slope energy-sector jobs likely to shape 2010 governor's race David O. Williams May 22, 2009
'Let's smooch away,' Gov's office says in response to electric co-op kissing criticism David O. Williams May 19, 2009
Despite beetle devastation, modular biopower units haven't caught on in Colorado high country David O. Williams May 18, 2009
DeGette targets controversial form of natural-gas drilling David O. Williams May 15, 2009
CDOT Black Gore Creek project heaped with accolades, not sand  May 11, 2009
Rifle renewable energy campus could be part of Vail, Avon's biomass solution David O. Williams May 11, 2009
Two more cases of swine flu confirmed in Eagle County  May 8, 2009
First case of swine flu confirmed in Eagle County  May 4, 2009
Colorado could be pivotal in passing federal energy bill David O. Williams May 3, 2009
Vail Valley Medical Center officials say they're ready if swine flu hits Eagle County  Apr 30, 2009
Eagle County health officials warn against complacency in combating swine flu outbreak  Apr 28, 2009
Garfield County officials debate using nuclear energy to power oil shale industry David O. Williams Apr 27, 2009
Vail native, Obama education advisor Johnston vying for Groff's state Senate seat David O. Williams Apr 22, 2009
Potential funding sources for Vail Valley beetle-kill biomass plant growing David O. Williams Apr 17, 2009
Eagle-Vail boy sued in Beaver Creek ski collision case featured in lawsuit reform ad David O. Williams Apr 8, 2009
Obama gives nod to Colorado in signing sweeping Omnibus Land Act David O. Williams Mar 31, 2009
As Final Four rolls on, Obama urged to call timeout on road building in national forests David O. Williams Mar 20, 2009
Vail Resorts' Epic Pass, Merchant Pass back for next season at same $579 rate  Mar 11, 2009
Colorado skier license plate picks up momentum in statehouse David O. Williams Mar 11, 2009
Avon Mayor Wolfe says Stone is too radical to chair state Republican Party David O. Williams Mar 5, 2009
Stone, who took partisanship to a new level in Eagle County, seeks state GOP chair David O. Williams Mar 1, 2009
Scanlan, Gibbs, Runyon take beetle battle inside Beltway David O. Williams Feb 25, 2009
Stimulus money to fund three Edwards roundabouts in 2010  Feb 20, 2009
Majority of stimulus dollars slated for transit headed to RTD, Denver's Union Station David O. Williams Feb 20, 2009
Stimulus funds may save renewable-energy sector in Vail Valley and across Colorado David O. Williams Feb 18, 2009
Vail councilman wants to rekindle Lech-style biomass power plant idea David O. Williams Feb 16, 2009
Despite Western Slope natural-gas bust, battle brewing over new drilling regulations David O. Williams Feb 14, 2009
Eagle County seeks citizen input on controversial new logo  Feb 13, 2009
State lawmakers Gibbs, Scanlan tout FASTER road fix at Vail town hall meeting David O. Williams Feb 10, 2009
Gibbs' FASTER road-funding bill heads to state House after heated partisan debate in Senate David O. Williams Feb 6, 2009
Vail's state senator says stimulus money won't fix Colorado's crumbling roads, bridges David O. Williams Feb 3, 2009
Vail liquor store owner battles strong beer sales in supermarkets, convenience stores David O. Williams Feb 1, 2009
Despite resistance from D.C., state lawmaker forges ahead with oil shale bill David O. Williams Jan 30, 2009
Stimulus funds won't cure what ails I-70, but ECO may get the Taj Mahal of bus barns David O. Williams Jan 27, 2009
No snow, sonar or so gnarly: Making the most of the modern snow report Jason Sumner Jan 25, 2009
Avon, water district come together to save state grant for using wastewater to heat streets, pool David O. Williams Jan 23, 2009
Heating streets with wastewater a stimulating idea in Avon David O. Williams Jan 22, 2009
Talons Challenge registration is full  Jan 22, 2009
Aspen bomber suspected in Vail's unsolved WestStar bank robberies  Jan 9, 2009
Conservationists may sue BLM over last minute oil shale rule David O. Williams Jan 7, 2009
Bricklin blasts Big Three but backs bailout David O. Williams Dec 19, 2008
Colorado Wild say Salazar will 'strike the right balance' for Interior Department David O. Williams Dec 17, 2008
Colorado roadless rule swerves off Bush fast-track David O. Williams Dec 11, 2008
Bush administration pushing for controversial Colorado roadless rule by Jan. 16 David O. Williams Dec 3, 2008
Report concludes oil shale boom would put too much pressure on Northwest Colorado rivers David O. Williams Dec 2, 2008
Cooling economy could send I-70 train talk off track David O. Williams Dec 1, 2008
Cocktails and coat drive at McCoy Springs in Arrowhead will help keep holidays warm  Nov 25, 2008
National parks, including Colorado's Mesa Verde, could be battling brown clouds David O. Williams Nov 23, 2008
FBI offers $50,000 reward in connection with Vail arson case Tom Boyd Nov 20, 2008
Vilar found guilty, what now for Beaver Creek performing arts center? Tom Boyd Nov 20, 2008
Single-engine plane bound for Aspen crashes in Holy Cross Wilderness near Vail  Nov 12, 2008
Garfield County commish race a study in conflicting interests on the Western Slope David O. Williams Nov 10, 2008
Anatomy of a meltdown: how Bob Schaffer lost Colorado's U.S. Senate race to Mark Udall David O. Williams Nov 7, 2008
Can skiing, hiking, hunting and fishing coexist with Colorado's booming energy industry? David O. Williams Nov 2, 2008
Eagle County officials working overtime to avoid election scandal Tom Boyd Oct 30, 2008
Polis congressional opponent Starin questions global warming David O. Williams Oct 30, 2008
McInnis predicts he could have taken out Udall, blames far right wing of state GOP David O. Williams Oct 28, 2008
Wall Street woes undermine GOP's 'drill, baby, drill' campaign push David O. Williams Oct 26, 2008
Remembering the Vail fires 10 years later; green movement still feeling the heat David O. Williams Oct 19, 2008
New poll finds Coloradans favor roadless preservation over energy development David O. Williams Oct 12, 2008
Palin, pushing for ANWR drilling, 'pals' around with oil-and-gas front groups David O. Williams Oct 5, 2008
Schaffer spins energy debate in waning days of Senate race after ignoring issue early on David O. Williams Sep 30, 2008
Eagle River Preserve open-space project in Edwards offers sneak peek to public  Sep 28, 2008
Lawmakers wrangle over gas taxes with dueling ballot initiatives David O. Williams Sep 21, 2008
Vail's state Senate district at the epicenter of the oil-and-gas debate David O. Williams Sep 17, 2008
Renewable energy is popular, but coal is still king Tom Boyd Sep 15, 2008
Colorado roadless areas under attack in final months of Bush administration, conservationists say David O. Williams Sep 12, 2008
GOP lawmakers taking energy pledge put forth by shadowy Western Skies 'nonprofit' David O. Williams Sep 12, 2008
GOP ‘nonprofit’ backed by big oil money looks to sway state Senate races David O. Williams Sep 5, 2008
Video: Iraq Veterans Against the War stage protest David O. Williams Aug 28, 2008
Bird porn among eccentricities at Denver Dem Convention David O. Williams Aug 28, 2008
Palast: One out of five Colorado voters purged from voter registration David O. Williams Aug 27, 2008
Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman uses DNC platform to call out Karl Rove David O. Williams Aug 26, 2008
Colorado at epicenter of national energy debate David O. Williams Aug 26, 2008
At Vail water conference, Schaffer, Udall chide presidential hopeful McCain for water comments David O. Williams Aug 23, 2008
Top state political operatives spar over attack ads at Vail water confab David O. Williams Aug 23, 2008
Ski-resort work-visa crisis stymies Vail, puts lives in flux around the globe David O. Williams Aug 11, 2008
GOP Senate candidate Schaffer tells Vail Valley backers immigration reform 'decades away' David O. Williams Aug 7, 2008
Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Teak Simonton changes party affiliation  Jul 28, 2008
Attack ad targets Polis for 'conservative ideas' on education David O. Williams Jul 25, 2008
Security officials, Beaver Creek residents debate ski country terrorism threat David O. Williams Jul 24, 2008
Crane overturns at Vail Spa, no injuries or damage reported  Jul 23, 2008
Speaker speculation: Dem Rep. Bernie Buescher could be the next head of the state House David O. Williams Jul 21, 2008
Salazar says ski-resort work visas stalled by immigration debate deadlock David O. Williams Jul 13, 2008
Body of Mary Brake likely found in Beaver Creek  Jul 10, 2008
Skyrocketing fuel costs putting squeeze on beetle-kill mitigation in Vail David O. Williams Jul 9, 2008
Vail-area congressional candidate Fitz-Gerald questions opponent's fiscal restraint David O. Williams Jul 9, 2008
Moderate Republicans say Buckleys should come clean about conservative blog David O. Williams Jul 7, 2008
Vail Resorts, Forest Service officials kick off 'veg management' planning to battle beetles David O. Williams Jul 5, 2008
Fuel load guarantees Vail wildfire will be like Yellowstone with houses David O. Williams Jul 1, 2008
Funds for Vail Pass wildlife bridge run down by weak economy David O. Williams Jun 24, 2008
Officials suspend search for Mary Brake  Jun 23, 2008
Boulderite Polis has Vail ties; wants to represent resort valley in Congress David O. Williams Jun 22, 2008
Family remembers woman missing in Beaver Creek horseback-riding accident  Jun 22, 2008
Hope fading in search for woman missing in Beaver Creek Tom Boyd Jun 22, 2008
Search is on for woman missing on Beaver Creek  Jun 21, 2008
A closer look at state House race for Vail's district David O. Williams Jun 17, 2008
Vail-area congressional candidate Shafroth says ending wars will free up funds David O. Williams Jun 11, 2008
Are truckers the biggest problem on Vail Pass, Interstate 70 corridor? David O. Williams Jun 6, 2008
Former Vail Chamber director Ferry to run Hasan campaign David O. Williams May 28, 2008
Obama to visit Denver school led by Vail's Mike Johnston Tom Boyd May 26, 2008
Parents of boy sued in Beaver Creek ski accident look to change law David O. Williams May 20, 2008
Colorado Democratic Convention: Udall vows to reach across aisle in U.S. Senate Tom Boyd May 18, 2008
McAuliffe shouted down at Colorado Democratic Convention Tom Boyd May 18, 2008
Eagle County superdelegate Debbie Marquez awaits results of Colorado Convention vote Tom Boyd May 17, 2008
Pricey congressional race comes into focus following assembly in Denver David O. Williams May 12, 2008
Ski towns struggle with labor crunch as immigrant crackdown continues David O. Williams May 5, 2008
Raids by ICE agents have some Vail Valley residents on edge David O. Williams May 1, 2008
Can Euro-style ski trains better connect Vail to Denver? David O. Williams Apr 30, 2008
Marquez wants fellow superdelegates to declare their candidate David O. Williams Apr 30, 2008
I-70 toll derailed as mountain train gets a boost David O. Williams Apr 25, 2008
Tree IVs inject controversy into battle over beetle kill David O. Williams Apr 25, 2008
I-70 toll-gate debate raises stakes for mountain rail proponents David O. Williams Apr 22, 2008
Carbondale an ominous early start to mountain wildfire season David O. Williams Apr 18, 2008
Colorado ski towns look to Utah for cautionary beetle-kill tale David O. Williams Apr 14, 2008
Eagle County Republicans look to recapture former glory David O. Williams Apr 7, 2008
Vail announces unrestricted ski pass available for $579  Mar 18, 2008
Vail Valley Superdelegate says 'No' to Bill Clinton, pledges for Obama Tom Boyd Feb 28, 2008
East Vail Chutes likely to remain open David O. Williams Jan 28, 2008
Kidnapping reportedly spoiled by West Vail gas station clerk  Jan 22, 2008
Another life lost in East Vail Chutes Tom Boyd Jan 12, 2008
Former Vail execs, managers lead Asian ski boom David O. Williams Jan 5, 2008
Vail, BC revel in one of best Decembers yet Tom Boyd Jan 2, 2008
Community comes together to help stranded motorists Tom Boyd Dec 31, 2007
New gondolas up and running at Beaver Creek David O. Williams Dec 21, 2007
Sen. Salazar says future of skiing hinges on minority participation David O. Williams Dec 11, 2007
U.S. Senator Ken Salazar pays tribute to SOS Outreach Charity  Dec 6, 2007
Blue Sky Basin, portions of Back Bowls to open  Dec 6, 2007
Snowstorm brings more terrain openings at central Rockies resorts  Dec 2, 2007
Vail ups skiing acreage, more snow on the way  Nov 29, 2007
Two years after being voted out of office, Cleveland is Vailís new Mayor Tom Boyd Nov 13, 2007
Construction tax a nice surprise for new Vail Town Council David O. Williams Nov 7, 2007
Daly leads five to Vail council seats Tom Boyd Nov 6, 2007
Wildfire mitigation project comes to a close  Nov 4, 2007
Big change coming to Vail government Tom Boyd Nov 4, 2007
Could California-type wildfires happen in Vail? Tom Boyd Oct 23, 2007
Coucil candidates speak up on Vail's lagging sales tax, housing, other issues Tom Boyd Oct 19, 2007
Hiker fortunate to keep toes, life David O. Williams Oct 17, 2007
Wisconsin missing person appears, then disappears, near Vail  Oct 11, 2007
Menconi recall petition apparently falls short David O. Williams Sep 18, 2007
Menconi recall bid stirs more bad political blood in Eagle County David O. Williams Sep 17, 2007
Redevelopment concerns shape Vail Town Council debate David O. Williams Sep 7, 2007
Town to improve whitewater park  Sep 5, 2007
Debate starts to rage over Vailís proposed construction tax David O. Williams Sep 5, 2007
It's official: Gillett now NASCAR owner Tom Boyd Aug 6, 2007
Going for the trifecta David O. Williams May 1, 2007
Beaver Creek alpine slide sparks legal brouhaha David O. Williams Nov 21, 2006
Nasty smear tactics mar ski-town politics David O. Williams Oct 25, 2006
Heli pilots take on twin demons of heat, height David O. Williams Jun 12, 2006 Snow Report Ticker

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